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The goal of this blog is to encourage more writers to write more fiction books about home schoolers for home school children to read.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Where Are All the Fiction Books About Homeschoolers?

Where Are All the Fiction Books About Homeschoolers?
Two million home school students want to know.

by Don Milne

It goes without saying that young readers can visit any library or book store and find shelf after shelf of youth literature where they can read books about children in a public school environment.  Homeschoolers make up 5-10 percent of the school age population. So, shouldn't 5-10 percent of the books for young people be about homeschoolers?  It should probably be even higher than this, since homeschoolers as a group are more likely to read more than other children. But if you look at the top 100 children's books on Amazon it is unlikely you will find even one book about homeschoolers.


The main reason is the gatekeepers that decide which books get published by established publishing companies are not tuned into the home school community.  Look at the background and education of most literary editors and agents and you will see a slant towards liberal and secular world views -- not the mindset of most homeschoolers.

With the rise of ebooks and self-publishing services like lulu, it is now easy to ignore the gatekeepers and bring fiction books about homeschoolers directly to homeschoolers.  It is also more profitable for the authors; instead of traditional royalty rates of 6%, the new channels pay authors 70%.

In an effort to increase the availability of homeschool fiction, I would like to invite writers who want to write stories about homeschoolers to participate in the Home School Adventurers series. Each author who writes a book for the series will have 100% control over the content and profits of his or her book. The only rule is that it be a fiction book with homeschoolers as the main characters. By including many books of this type in the Home School Adventurers series, we will build a brand that readers can come to when they want to read stories about home schoolers.

The first book in the series is one that I wrote with my wife Aneladee.  The name of the book is Home School Adventurers: The Lost Da Vincis. It is the story of four homeschool siblings who are faced with the disappearance of their scientist father as well as their mother and little brother.  With the help of an eccentric uncle and movie star aunt they try to get their family back.

There is a lot of writing talent in the home school community.  Take up the challenge and write the next Home School Adventurers book.


  1. I am a writer, but I am working on other things. I am writing a series of emergent reader books for LDS kids. I am writing a novel which will make people think about why, what and how they teach kids. I do think my kids might like your book, though. I have placed it on my wish list. I have a kindle, but not the money now.

  2. I have been noticing this also, and have thought about writing some more books about kids who are homeschooled. Two of our favorite books are 'Surviving the Applewhites' and 'Schooled.' I just learned about another one, 'The Homeschool Experiment, a Novel' by Charity Hawkins. But I think that one is for grown-ups.

    Thanks for starting to encourage this idea. I will renew my efforts at coming up with something. I will also go check out your book!