Fiction Books About Home Schoolers

The goal of this blog is to encourage more writers to write more fiction books about home schoolers for home school children to read.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Share Your Favorite Homeschool Fiction Books Here

People are emailing me their favorite homeschool fiction book titles.  I will add them to the comments as they come in.  You are also welcome to ad a comment with your favorite homeschool fiction books.


  1. The Pierce Peanut Gallery recommends Sara Maxwell's home school series. There is a nice review of these at:

  2. A suggestion from Mimi:

    A couple that my kids enjoyed come to mind:

    'Schooled' by Gordon Korman -- a homeschooled boy tries to adjust to regular school while his grandmother/teacher is in the hospital with a broken hip. Turns out, regular school has to adjust to him!

    'Surviving the Applewhites' -- a troubled teen, kicked out of every school, goes to live with an eclectic, artistic, homeschooling family.

    1. I got a copy of Schooled by Gordon Korman. I am not sure if this is an ideal choice for home schooled children, since the main character is a former home schooler adapting to regular school.

  3. M. Sittnick says:
    "The Misplaced Spy" by Elizabeth Altham is about a mostly homeschooling family in New England that gets entangled in Cold War era (mid-eighties) espionage. It is available on There is also a CD audiobook version that includes a free copy of the print edition.